• No Place For Wimps

    No Place For Wimps

    This is not political. It is my story. It's a story of individual choice, a woman's right to think for herself and then change her mind. After many years of marching through life with my own personal anti-gun mindset, I seem to have done an about-face in recent years. And not just in theory... This past Monday morning I went for my first shooting lesson. Boom! Literally and figuratively. Big stuff. Maybe not for you, but definitely for me... I have always sworn against guns and gun ownership...Never wanted anything to do with them...didn't want them near me.
  • When life throws you a curve ball start cleaning?

    When life throws you a curve ball start cleaning?

    I am sure we all know that in life we will face many challenges some that we can anticipate and others that come as a surprise. When it comes to my situation it was over 5 years ago when I suffered a work related injury and had to stop working. Since I was no longer working and my wife works a full-time job it has become my responsibility to take care of the majority of household cleaning - I guess this is when I became a house husband. As my wife works a full time job I believe it is only fair that I help out as much as I can.
  • You Are the One

    You Are the One

    I recently broke my leg from a fall. I am in the process of healing and I am hoping it won't be for much longer. I am already getting cabin fever! In vague terms, I fell during an act of lust for which at the time was to cover up hurt from love. We always learn things best the hard way. My lesson from this is not to shun away love or any path getting there. Anybody who knows me knows that I love to love and be loved. Call me naive, but I believe that love heals everything. So here is a love song, one of many, that I wrote and actually performed at my friend's wedding last year.
  • A Bathroom Without Doors

    A Bathroom Without Doors

    I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow law school graduation is only two months away. I’ve been busy finishing my bar application, doing classwork, and preparing for a post-student life. I’ve also started planning for the most challenging part of life after graduation. Finding a new apartment. I’m certainly not averse to challenges. Finding an apartment as a person with a disability, however, is enough to keep me up at night.
  • The Best

    The Best

    Every Friday, almost without fail, I have lunch with my good friend, Suzanne...and every Friday, again almost without fail, we go to the Macaroni Grill here in Boca...not because its the best food in town. It's not. But it is good. And doggone it, we like it there! I imagine it's not easy to have a friend who's quite a bit slower than you are. I tend to plod along with a walker or struggle to propel myself about in my wheelchair, until I tire and someone has to take over and push. That's on flat surfaces, which most of Florida is, thank God!