• Spirituality


    Since I began writing these blogs and reading the blog from others, it has occurred to me that many comments to these blogs are graced with references to God, such as ‘God bless you’, ‘I’ll pray for you’, or the most cherished 1. Corinthians 10:13. However, I have yet to come across a MDA blog, which addresses the topic of spirituality directly. Right up front, I want to make it perfectly clear that I am strictly distinguishing between spirituality and religion. I define religion as groups of people with a common believe of God.
  • White House Adds New Disability Adviser

    White House Adds New Disability Adviser

    Taryn Mackenzie Williams will serve as a liaison between the disability community and the president as an associate director in the White House’s Office of Public Engagement. Posted: 7/31/2014
  • The Impact of Adventure

    The Impact of Adventure

    Disability.gov guest blogger Ori Anderson, Marketing Intern at the Adaptive Sports Center in Crested Butte, Colorado discusses his life of adventure. The Center is an incredible nonprofit organization that provides outdoor adventure activities in the heart of the Rocky Mountains for people with disabilities. Posted: 7/30/2014
  • A Central Core View of Relating to the World

    A Central Core View of Relating to the World

    “It’s hard to live in a world where you feel like you can’t relate to anything.” This is something I typed in a note on my phone recently. It sounds really depressing, I know. I was in a bad car accident back in April and since then, happy and positive Jackie hasn't made as many appearances as she usually does. In the process of having to deal with all of the messes the accident created (not even including my totaled car and a trip to the ER), I started to feel like this tiny ant in a big world full of bumble bees.