• Paragliding Across of the Alps – in a Wheelchair

    Paragliding Across of the Alps – in a Wheelchair

    On July 15, a five-man team will depart on a month-long expedition to paraglide the length of the European Alps, from Austria to Monaco. While this is not the first time the 620-mile-journey has been attempted. Vincent Delepeleire, a paraplegic who paraglides in his wheelchair and, if successful, will be the first human-powered paragliding crossing of the European Alps by a disabled person. Posted: 9/2/2014
  • Back to School – My Final Year of Being a Studen

    Back to School – My Final Year of Being a Studen

    September 2 will be my last “first day of school.” After 19 years of formal education, this upcoming year is my last year of law school! In the spirit of back-to-school commercials and shopping, I wanted to share some memories of being a student with muscular dystrophy. Kindergarten: Kindergarten was my only year of starting to school without a diagnosis. I was diagnosed during my kindergarten year after my parents noticed I had been falling a lot.
  • I wrote life

    I wrote life

    I wrote this song last summer. It is dedicated to a friend of mine who was really disappointed with life in general. The lyrics begin with me acknowledging that I was not there for her proximity wise, but explains how I am there nonetheless and how we need each other. All of the lyrics describe true events. The second verse is something that really took place for me in third grade. It tells the story of how shocking it was to my teacher that I wrote the word LIFE on the chalkboard when all of the kids wrote things that were less deep.
  • When Wheelchairs Are Cool

    When Wheelchairs Are Cool

    Wheelchair users cutting lines and getting back-stage passes? It's a cool perk, says Ben Mattlin in the New York Times. Ben has spinal muscular atrophy. Posted: 8/28/2014