• Pretty Woman

    Pretty Woman

    I love that song! Roy Orbison sang it like no one has been able to since he originally released it in August of 1964... Long time ago, I know. But some things are timeless and that song is one of the great, all-time classics that will never go out of style. It's part of my playlist. As I listened to it the other day, I got to thinking about how far I've come with this muscle disease.
  • Preparing For Spring

    Preparing For Spring

    I’m ready to reclaim warmth and rejoin the living. I hibernate from December to March. The winters have gotten worse over the years in Chicago. The first chill of a frosty day enters your bones and lingers all winter. Usually over the winter months, I’m in a creative sumber. I think of all the great things I’d like to accomplish in the new year and devise a plan of attack. I also tend to do a lot of introspective work. 2014 was a year of personal growth and realization. I faced, head on, some of my greatest insecurities. I cannot say I’ve completely overcome them, but I’m well on my way.
  • No Place For Wimps

    No Place For Wimps

    This is not political. It is my story. It's a story of individual choice, a woman's right to think for herself and then change her mind. After many years of marching through life with my own personal anti-gun mindset, I seem to have done an about-face in recent years. And not just in theory... This past Monday morning I went for my first shooting lesson. Boom! Literally and figuratively. Big stuff. Maybe not for you, but definitely for me... I have always sworn against guns and gun ownership...Never wanted anything to do with them...didn't want them near me.
  • When life throws you a curve ball start cleaning?

    When life throws you a curve ball start cleaning?

    I am sure we all know that in life we will face many challenges some that we can anticipate and others that come as a surprise. When it comes to my situation it was over 5 years ago when I suffered a work related injury and had to stop working. Since I was no longer working and my wife works a full-time job it has become my responsibility to take care of the majority of household cleaning - I guess this is when I became a house husband. As my wife works a full time job I believe it is only fair that I help out as much as I can.