• Taming Our Fear of Flying

    Taming Our Fear of Flying

    Flying can be scary for wheelchair users, but these tips can make for a smooth ride. Posted: 10/23/2014
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    I’m not here to preach, But rather to explain, that success doesn’t just happen. There is not a special kit or a basic set of tools to use. But rather something more. Everyone possesses their own tools.
  • Getting older...

    Getting older...

    I turned 40 today, yes I did, and I am not afraid to say it. I am feeling a little retrospective and thought I would share a little about getting older and living with SMA (or other disabilities). I know it is hard to imagine the future when you are younger, I remember through my teens feeling invincible. I could get around in a manual wheelchair and do everything I needed to take care of myself; I didn't think about anything but school, dating, driving, shopping, etc... I remember receiving a newsletter about living with SMA that was written by a couple of ladies with the diagnosis.