• Moving


    I am 23 years old. I am single. I graduated from college into “adulthood” not too long ago. I recently moved across the country by myself to San Antonio, Texas. And I have muscular dystrophy. No, this isn’t a dating ad - this is my reality. My terrifying reality. The last ten months of my life have brought new meaning to the word independence. I have never been afraid of doing the independent thing and living away from home, I studied away during college for five months in Colorado Springs.
  • 10 Things You Should Know about Long-Term Care

    10 Things You Should Know about Long-Term Care

    Long-Term Care Awareness Month, held each November, is the ideal time to learn about long-term care planning, including how to make a strategy to pay for expenses. Most long-term care is not medical care, but rather assistance with everyday tasks, such as bathing, dressing, eating or housework. Learn more here at disability.gov. Posted: 11/19/2014
  • Why a Knee Walker is perfect for a speedy recovery from your CMT Surgery

    Why a Knee Walker is perfect for a speedy recovery from your CMT Surgery

    Foot surgery is never a walk in the park, but it can be especially complicated for people with Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease. The disease is a form of neuromuscular disease that causes a high arch within the foot and muscle wasting in the lower legs and arms. Present in adults and children alike, CMT causes extremity muscles to waste as others around keep their strength. Although it mostly affects the feet and legs, CMT sometimes affects the respiratory system. Muscle wasting in the feet, legs and toes leads to deformities.
  • Hospitality, Accessibility and the ADA

    Hospitality, Accessibility and the ADA

    by Marian Vessels, Director of the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center – Marian addresses the issue of inaccessible restaurants and other places in the hospitality industry. Posted: 11/17/2014
  • The Decision, Revisted

    The Decision, Revisted

    Remember to breathe. That was the piece of advice that stood out for me the most when I was a prospective business school student. Remember to breathe, for the first semester will be intense. It feels like yesterday that I was sending in applications, yet somehow I am now halfway through my first semester at Boston College. We operate on the quarter system, so I have a nice, long, four days to relax and get back to my first love, writing. This extended break affords me time to come up for air and reflect on my experience thus far.